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Mission Statement

clear the shelters

Our goal is to reduce the number of unwanted animals through dedicated fundraising endeavors for the purpose of assisting in low cost spay and neuter programs, thereby helping to end the overcrowding of shelters. This overcrowding leads to euthanizing thousands of dogs and cats every week, only to be replaced with the same number of unwanted animals again.

shelter dogs

Stop unwanted litters from becoming death row dogs by spaying and neutering your pets!

clear the shelters


We would never be able to do any of this without the help from our many generous supporters of

Serenity Paws Animal Rescue and the volunteers that have participated in our events.

Many thanks to all of you...More great things to come.


We sponsored Echo's neuter who was rescued by our friends Paws Crossed Inc in Florida. Used as a "stud" no more.....but still quite the handsome man!

June 2024

"The Houston Trio" these dogs were left behind when their owner moved. Shadows Sanctuary saved them from a kill shelter and we sponsored their spay and neuters.

May 2024


We sponsored some medical and rehab for waterfowl, farm and exotic animals at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and Sanctuary

in North Carolina

May 2024

We helped our friends at the Passaic County SPCA Food Pantry restock their shelves so families in need can feed their pets.

May 2024


We helped towards Winnie's medical care. Winnie was partially blind when found but is in good hands now with This Is Houston in TX. Follow her story on their FB page.

February 2024


Simba had been hit by a car and then shot at as he tried to get away. His back leg had to be amputated but he is recovering well with This Is Houston in TX and we sponsored his neuter for when he is healthy enough. Follow his story on their FB page.

February 2024

We sponsored Thelma's spay, who was rescued by a good samaritan and is with This Is Houston in TX. It was also obvious she had had many litters in her lifetime. Follow her story on their FB page.

February 2024

 Journey is severely emaciated and has a horrible skin infection but is with the Arrow Fund in Kentucky and receiving the help she needs. We helped sponsor towards her medical care.

February 2024

We helped sponsor Bailey's medical care who was rescued by Harley's House Of Dreams in Colorado. You can follow this sweet souls story on their FB page.

February 2024

rescue dogs love cats serenity

Serenity Paws was happy to sponsor the eight Neptune Township "dog fighting ring" sweeties that were rescued by Monmouth County SPCA, NJ.

February 2024


We recently sponsored some little ones for medical care and rehab at Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina.

December 2023


We helped sponsor Macy's surgery and spay who was rescued by our friends, "Paws Crossed, Inc" in Florida. Macy had surgery for a prolapsed rectum and is doing well!

December 2023


We were happy to donate towards Levi's medical care. Levi is in good hands with "Paws Crossed Inc" in Florida and getting the care he so very much needs.

April 2023

We donated towards Spartans medical care to "This Is Houston" in TX. Spartan passed on his own terms recently but at least under loving care. Rest easy Spartan!

April 2023

We helped to sponsor sweet Norman's medical costs who is with our friends, TLC Rescue in KY.

April 2023

We helped Rescuers Without Borders in Texas by sponsoring Gloria, a homeless dog who laid on the street for hours with severe skin issues who needed medical attention.

April 2023


We sponsored medical services for 5 throwaway horses that Gentle Giants Horse Rescue in Maryland saved from slaughter. They were all in deplorable condition.

April 2023

We helped sponsor sweet Crockett's medical costs. He was a stray attacked by another animal with wounds to his neck and back. He was rescued by the "Arrow Fund" in KY.

January 2023


We sponsored June's spay and removal of a tumor who was rescued by Misfit Hounds in TN. As well as sweet Olivia's spay.

November 2022


We helped Newman Nation Senior Pets United in Illinois towards medical costs for Merlin who was pulled from a shelter and on the euth list.

November 2022


August 2022


We were happy to be able to sponsor towards medical, spay and neuter for a blind and deaf trio- Buddy, Tiffany, and Brittany as well as Daisy, Happy and Bling along with Mamma Cat Chica and her three adorable kittens that were all saved from euthanasia by Main Line Animal Rescue in PA.

August 2022

Little Teeter was rescued by Paws Crossed in Florida. We helped sponsor her eye removal which she "came through with flying colors" as reported and has a loving family already!

June 2022


Serenity Paws was happy to sponsor five of the "Trixie Dogs" who are with TLC Rescue in Kentucky. These cuties received vet care, vaccines, bloodwork.

May 2021


We were happy to sponsor the neuter for Sammy who is available for adoption with in TN

March 2021

We sponsored the neuter for this sweet 3 week old boy when he is ready. He is up for adoption through

March 2021


We were happy to be able to assist "Paws R Us" in Canada, in their rescue efforts for Bowie who had 2 broken legs and is now recovering and receiving the medical care he deserves.

December 2020


We were happy to be able to help towards this sweet girls medical care. Pepper Jane is with Pound Pals Rescue.

November 2020

We recently funded handsome Cruiser's neuter who was rescued by TLC Rescue in Kentucky.

In June, we funded Brandy's spay and Luther's neuter, two beautiful hounds currently up for adoption through Misfit Hounds Rescue in TN.

June 2020


We recently funded Parsley's spay

who currently resides at Coco's House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue in Mississippi.

Stop the trixie foundation

We were more than happy to donate towards vet care/spay & neuter for these animals. "Stop the Trixie Foundation" to TLC Rescue in Kentucky.

May 2020

Emm Muscular Dystrohy special needs dogs

As a result of our first fundraising effort, Emma, from NJ South Hills Pet Rescue, was our first recipient of a donation from Serenity Paws towards her extensive medical care after being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, which is very rare in dogs.

You can follow Emma's story on NJSH Pet Rescue's Facebook page.

March 2019

Stray dogs ned love too. Spay and neuter to save a life!

Tosha is a sweet Beagle girl, a former stray in Kentucky with TLC Rescue. Serenity Paws provided the funds to spay her so that she will never again have any unwanted litters. 

May 2019

We were happy that we were able to assist towards

Sweet Audrey's medical expenses. Audrey was saved by SNARR Northeast and we were told has an amazing spirit. Her legs were cut off in a horrific way and she needed x-rays, cultures, surgery and will get prosthetics when healed.

January 2020

Lucky from Iraq dogs deserve better, Wheels for walking

Meet Lucky, from Operation Bring Animals Home (OBAH). Lucky was severely beaten in Iraq, leaving her with twisted and broken front legs. Her one front leg had to be amputated and we were able to provide her with a brace to assist her with walking while she waits for her "wheels".

You can follow Lucky's journey on OBAH S&R Team FB page.

May 2019

Serenity Paws assisted TLC Rescue in Kentucky with the neutering of two male kittens that were abandoned and left to fend for themselves, through no fault of their own.

One neuter or spay prevents so many unwanted animals. 

May 2019

spay and neuter to save many lives feral stray abandoned

We  held a food drive in May 2019 at Pet Supplies Plus in Wallington, NJ and were overwhelmed by the generosity of people wanting to donate dog and cat food as well as toys. 

We were able to provide three separate organizations with dog and cat food to help assist those in need of feeding their animals. 


Serenity Paws was happy to be able to assist PAWS R US. Bear was born with a spinal deformity and has no use of his hind legs but will be getting wheels. Serenity Paws Animal Rescue was able to provide Bear with the cost of his neutering, a small but very important part of his journey to a healthy life. Thank you Marlene Fazekas for all you do for these animals. 

                                                        July 2019


Serenity Paws was happy to be able to assist PAWS R US. Bear was born with a spinal deformity and has no use of his hind legs but will be getting wheels. Serenity Paws Animal Rescue was able to provide Bear with the cost of his neutering, a small but very important part of his journey to a healthy life. Thank you Marlene Fazekas for all you do for these animals. 

                                                        July 2019

Her name is Orange Juice and she was a stray that already had a litter.

Took some time to catch her, but with real determination TLC Rescue was able to finally capture her and Serenity Paws Animal Rescue covered the cost for her spay and vetting/shots. She is up for adoption now and is a real sweetie.

                                                   July 2019


A good old Jersey Boy from a Newark shelter.
"We get by with a little help from our friends..... We are extremely grateful to Serenity Paws Animal Rescue, Inc who have so graciously offered to pay for Logan’s neuter" ~NJ South Hills Pet Rescue

July 2019



Sweet Cherry from Paws Crossed Inc. will never have any unwanted litters because we cared.

October 2019

Beefy and Sushi at Paws Crossed Inc. were recipients of spay and neuter.

October 2019


We assisted Morris and Dunn, two paralyzed Texas boys in need of medical care with their neuters.

October 2019

Grace Paws Crossed FL

~An update from Paws Crossed in Florida~

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful card you sent to Grace and for the generous donation that came in it for her Spay and mass removal!
Words cannot express how grateful we are for your constant support!
Grace is really starting to blossom! It's truly magical to see her let her guard down and just act like a carefree dog! She still has along way to go but we are so pleased with the progress she has made so far! Thank you for thinking of her! We feel so BLESSED!"

November 2019

We were so very happy to be able to help sweet Jersey girl Kilee and have her dermal mass surgically removed. She is now recovering well at home.

December 2019


These two sweeties were rescued by our friends at TLC Rescue, Inc in Kentucky. We were happy to be able to assist towards both their spays as well as Lilly's tumor removal, and Josie's mammary and rectal tumor removal and her dental to remove some rotten teeth. Both are recovering well.

December 2019

lilly bell.jpg

We are a New Jersey based, 501 (c)(3), non-profit, all volunteer organization.

EIN 82-5265031

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